#TrekkinonTuesday | Sex Trek III: The Wrath of Bob (Clean Version) | Live Chat

Welcome to Trekkin’ on Tuesday, where we celebrate GOOD Star Trek, despite #Klutzman’s best efforts.

Tonight we view “Sex Trek III: The Wrath of Bob” (Clean Version).

PLOT (from IMDB): When we last saw Seeman Bob, the landing-party crewman in the red shirt (at the conclusion of “Sex Trek: the Next Penetration”), Dr. McJoy said, “He’s dead, Jim,” and Bob was buried in the futile and smelly soil of the planet Uranus. But Bob wasn’t dead, and now, as a result of all that fertilizer, he has mutated into a super-sexual being and a really angry dude, bent on revenge against “Boner” McJoy, Captain Quirk, Mister Sperm, and the crew of the Starship Intercourse.


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