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  1. Dude telling our family what is best for our own babies is so hard. I told my sister not to kiss my daughter on the lips and she got PISSED and still hasn't spoken to me but she is my child and I dont want anyone but my husband and I kissing her on the lips (we dont even do that anyways tho). Its hard.

    Also tegan and I share our birthday! July 25!🥰🥰🥰

  2. Loved how real you are with your answers!!❤️ how tou described what’s your favorite thing being a mom❤️as i’ve said hundred times,you are such a huge inspiration! Such a cool moma and i hope when my time comes
    i’ll be that good and amazing too! You and Mitchel ( i apologize if i wrote his name wrong!) are doing such a great job!🌸

  3. When you talked about finding your voice as a young parent, I totally connected with that! I got pregnant with my first at 19 and had her at 20, my family and my now husbands family were both crazy with telling me how to raise her. Wasn’t until my second who is now 3 1/2 that I finally realized how to tell them no nicely lol. Now pregnant with my third wish me luck!

  4. Girl I think every new mom goes through that stage of having to tell the parents and family members to back off trust me its hard and will last for at least a year until they finally realize lol I've dealt with it and I live with mine and so its super hard lol and I'm an older mom so I think no matter your age or family people will be people so stand your ground 😉 you know whats best!

  5. I’m 24 and just had my baby boy 2 months ago and I completely agree with you on the things we face being a young mom. I love being a mom and I love seeing you enjoy motherhood too and sharing your experiences/advice 💕

  6. “The sex” 😂😂
    I love that someone actually talked about this! I worry about my sex life after I have a baby because I’ve heard that it just goes away. I feel like a healthy sex life contributes to a healthier Relationship. 15 weeks and I’m having a baby girl also! Super excited! 💗🌙

  7. I have to agree with you on the aligns! 37 weeks and they still fit my bump. Some of my other off brand leggings squeeze my belly so bad..

  8. Totally clicked off the video I was watching to instantly watch this. I have a 6 year old and a 2nd boy on the way. I love watching your journey. You're family is so beautiful!

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