Do You Dress for the Opposite Sex? Jane Fonda Comes Clean: ‘I Need Men to Find Me Attractive’ 

Actress and activist Jane Fonda admits that she needs men to find her attractive, especially as she gets older. So we want to know: Is approval from the opposite sex important to you? 

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  1. boa ain’t no way, did Ayesha Curry not get dragged & is still getting dragged for expressing the first 28 seconds of this video?😂

  2. Jane Fonda would only look good burning on a stake for being a traitor. Unfortunately, most people seemed to forget that she helped the Vietcong murder American service members.

  3. Speaking in evolutionary terms, women primarily dress to attract men. But you won’t like to admit that.

  4. Hello beautiful ladies I love yall 💗💗💗💗 take care and stay strong. I love watching yall together the new place looks great 👍. Now I can see 👀yall whole beautiful outfit . keep up yall grind ladies. Congratulations again Jeannie on your bundle of joy Amen 🙏🏻#Teamgirl 💗🙋🏽‍♀️

  5. It's so unimportant to me that I think I have a problem. I (like SO MANY women) was sexually abused btwn 5-6 years old. I don't ever remember dressing to be looked at by men. I do however understand that many people have the opposite effect and become permiscuious after abuse. I'm working on my Sacral Chakra to heal all that tho' 🤷🏾‍♂️. Everyone is different.

  6. I think what Jane Fonda is trying to say and I can understand is that if you are a person deemed attractive by society and for much of your life you got tons of attention (from many, but from men in particular), it can feel weird and difficult when it stops happening. Attractive people, almost unavoidably, end up having a good part of their identity wrapped up in their looks. This isn't great, but it's what happens , and then it's confusing AF when you get older and suddenly you have to figure out how to interact with the world in a whole new way. It's not fun.

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  8. For me, I receive too much of it that it becomes toxic masculinity energy for me. I am fine not reveiving male attention because I know I look good. But it hits different whenever a straight or lesbian woman compliments me. That flatters me. Maybe it is based on promoting women empowerment or something. But being stared at for more than 5 seconds from a man is similar to dominating the women as possession, because it is zero reason to stare that long without saying or complimenting her to compensate the measure of discomfort imposed on her by the staring. Also catcalling is experienced differently to me, when being called sexy from random strangers or being told that they want me to sit on their faces or to eat me for dinner. Experiencing the random catcalls made me turned off from all catcalls or male attentions. But that is JMO or traumatic experience

  9. Jane Fonda has talked about how her father made negative comments about her appearance when she was younger and how it's affected her. In my opinion, this is why she feels this way. I think that part is extremely important to mention in this conversation. Sometimes our needs/wants stem from childhood wounds.

  10. research why she went to Vietnam AND what she did to the soldiers while there. you can be attractive on the outside, yet pure ugly on the inside

  11. I enjoy taking pride in myself . Dressing up makes me feel good . I wouldn’t be me , if I left the house looking frumpy . It has nothing to do with male attention. Yes , it’s always nice when someone gives you a compliment, whether it’s a man or woman . I won’t pretend that it’s not appreciated, but again it’s not what motivates me to stay in shape and dress up.

  12. Let's all be honest here — there's nothing wrong with wanting to look a certain way to catch an eye, however we mustn't become slaves of approval (that's screams insecurity). Some days I want to look cute for others, but always for me first.

  13. We lIve in a society that values Male validation. We all adhere to their gaze whether consciously or not

  14. Blame the culture which makes interaction between the sexes problematic. Women have become so thin skinned they can't take a joke or compliment because some men make everything toxic.

  15. I just love to look decently presentable (For myself) whether I'm home or going out to work, Church, or any function; and organise my abode as I can't stand mess. The weird thing is, even though I always say "thank you", I get a bit uneasy when I receive compliments about my appearance.

  16. I knew Adrienne was going to do her hair like that because of Kim’s hair 😂 she tries to copy her a lot for sure

  17. I honestly enjoy compliments more when I get them from a Women. Women see Women and let them know that they look gorgeous

  18. Make at least 1 compliment (doesn't have to be about looks) a day to someone and your life will seem a lot kinder already 😉

  19. Of course we do and so do Men. It's Positive. I don't want my Man showing up for a Date like he's going to wash his car. Dress for Success. A date. A job interview. Look your best.

  20. Garcelle no, men… don’t care about the me too lol if they aren’t doing it they just aren’t lol

  21. So Adrienne will put on deodorant and perfume when she’s home alone, but won’t wash her hands..? 🤔

  22. Can we get this straight. Most women hate being catcalled. Just don't do it. I don't care if you are attractive or not. Stop it. It's not about me too, me too doesn't come close to catcalls but if it helps to stop men from whistling and annoying us on the street then good.

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