deal with it | RUBY MATTHEWS (+ otis) S3

Whoever says anything, Ruby is the strongest and most beautiful character this season. I can’t forgive Otis for the pain he caused this beauty.

The song from the video: Deal With It – Ashnikko (Cover by Cameron Hayes)
Taken from the channel: Cameron Hayes
License – not provided
Fandom: Sex Education
Software: Vegas Pro 17
Coloring: Keephopealive
Editor: Nenastie

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  1. Truth is if anyone (especially any girl) acts like ruby in real life, they’re bound to be called a bitch or get hated on. Society doesn’t accept ppl like her. But I wish I had her confidence…

  2. I totally agree. she is so human (everything or nothing) !! interesting, terrifying but interesting . that is the best line of this season !

  3. I feel so sorry for Ruby and her dad… 😭 She is very gentle and caring and loves her family, she just hides all her pain and suffering behind a mask… like everyone does, basically.

  4. She deserved much better not this. i felt so bad for ruby this season. İ was like ruby so much i was ship with Otis 🥺

  5. You guys are pathetic if Asa and emma didn’t share proper time onscreen you guys forgot who the real endgame is !!! Its always gonna be maeve

  6. I am not saying I hate otis but I feel like during this season both maeve and otis were both at a calmer point in their relationship even though they secretly had feelings for each other still. I don't like how in the last two episodes they bring otis and maeve together when for 5 episodes it was just ruby and otis. Ik the point of the show is for otis and maeve to get together but if if emma mackey doesn't end up doing season 4 then I think the most reasonable thing to do is for otis and ruby to get together. Even though they only showed 5 episodes of otis and ruby together of course a lot of people prefer them over maeve, as do I. I think they are a better fit. If emma mackey does come back then I think that won't happen for season 4. Also even though they didn't show ruby much after the breakup in the short scenes her and otis had, I feel like she would have gone back with him after he apologized and some stuff.

  7. Esta temporada Ruby se llevó completamente el show , en esta temporada comprendimos porque muestra al igual que muchas personas esa coraza de superioridad frente a los demás , por miedo a que le hagan daño y lamentablemente eso sucedio ; como en algun momento otis dijo que alguien bajaría la Luna por el esa fue Ruby y lamentablemente el no supo corresponderle 🙁 otra terapia que tío netflix me debe F

  8. Ruby deserved better. MVP of the season along with Adam. And I didn't like that she was featured so less in the latter episodes.

  9. They made us wait for Maeve and Otis for so long that it just kinda felt short and no more chemistry between them. Otis and Ruby should be endgame, but I have a hunch that the writers will make Maeve and Otis endgame. This is coming from someone who wanted Maeve and Otis to be together since season 1, but just 4 episodes of them and their chemistry is insane. Also hope to have more scenes with Ruby cos ngl, second half of this season was kinda boring when they cut her off.

  10. You know, even if he broke her heart it was the right decision, she would have suffered more if he lied :’c

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