Chat W/ Gay Man Who Doesn't Believe Same Sex Attraction Should Be Acted On


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  1. This is crazy. I came into this video laughing at the title. I still agree with Macabre Storytelling, 1hr7mins in. But the other guy seems to have better arguments.

  2. TL;DW

    You want me to watch a video with this premise(title)? Make it shorter. Maximum length of 1 hr. 30 – 45 min. If the video is longer than a movie, I don't watch. If the video is longer than 2 hrs. it better be more entertaining in format than this vlog stuff.

  3. I really enjoy these conversations, but I can't help feeling they circle back to the same topic or they quickly become redundant.

  4. This guy is one of the creepy sane-sounding fanatics. This person can argue for his "rights" to a Catholic-gay lifestyle, but IMO he's lost his basic human rights by rejecting his basic self. Mac, you shouldve let him have it

  5. Imagine trying to worship a being that will condemn you to eternal suffering for loving a person that that deity forced you to be attracted to.

  6. You were awesome Mac- but I hate seeing you have to deal with human contradictions like this. Therapy shouldn't be wasted on brainless baby Trumps like this. Suicide can be evolutionarily positive in some cases 😆

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