Brie & Nikki Bella Talk Sex Life in Live Podcast Show | Total Bellas Bonus Scene | E!

The “Total Bellas” stars take their podcast to a live audience and have an unfiltered Q&A segment with their fans. Watch this bonus scene.

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Brie & Nikki Bella Talk Sex Life in Live Podcast Show | Total Bellas Bonus Scene | E!

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  1. Nikki’s that friend that tells you every last detail after you simply ask her “how was your weekend?”

  2. They did an awesome job. Im So happy for both of them, that they get to experience this pregnancy journey together. I'm so happy that Nikki is with Artem. There is so much chemistry there & you can tell that Artem absolutely adores & cherishes Nikki. They will be incredible parents, & I'm happy that she finally gets to be a mom. I felt like her relationship with John stressed her out more than making her her happy. I truly hope that Nikki & Artem work out, because it seems very genuine. I can tell that they truly love each other & they are meant to be. Everything happens for a reason, so this was God's way of letting her know that she is meant to be a mom, & she's meant to be with Artem. This is their miracle baby. And I'm so happy for Brie. She's an amazing mom & wife & I'm so happy her and Brian worked things out & that she got pregnant again. I know she wasn't sure about having another one, but what better way to be pregnant again, than going through the journey with your sister. At first I thought they were both having boys, but now I'm not too sure. But as long as they are healthy is the main thing.

  3. Artem is thinking 💭 “no wonder why John didn’t want kids with this women, because she will talk all about it on her podcast”

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