♡ GIRL TALK: The Truth About…SEX

♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette
♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty

In today’s GIRL TALK, we are talking about…sex! Leave your other girl talk topics down below and maybe I’ll do it next! 💜


F A Q:

Name- Lisette
Race- Black & White
Height- 5’3
Location- LA
Age- 22


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  1. I lost my virginity to my man in college and now we are engaged and about to move to a new state together 😀

  2. im a 13 year old that lives in sweden and we STILL havent had the talk. like just talk to us this is SO important!!! i bet half of my class doesnt know what it is

  3. Conceived as male, different from female start made to be male, conceived males can not safely be gay, they can not pass sperms out of their body once sexually put in by another person male in form. STD for sure, the victims are the average dudes we see talking to themselves, homeless, destitute, begging for money. Lots of names for this but same thing.yrue men can't pass sperm. Dangers.

  4. I really need this things to hear because some things we can't share with our parents and frnds so tq so much for this video i really understand in love sex is not important😌😌

  5. i am 13 year old and i have growned up in a area where a lot of people say to me to cover my body. and i dont want to i mean i am not saying i like to wear revealing clothes but i just dont want to wear a hajab or something like that. i promise my self that when i will turn 18 or something like that i will do what i want to do and wear what i want to wear. my mom and my father say to me to cover myself they dont force me but i guess while i am living with then i guess i have to. if anyone of you have time feel free to give me some suggestions.
    thanks in adavnce

  6. I’m 14 and i lost my v card a couple months ago. ever since i’ve been having sex a lot. and i’m honestly glad i didn’t wait cause i lost it to one of my rlly good friends and i was comfortable with him. i wouldn’t change who i lost it to. there were no feelings which most people won’t agree with but it was a good experience for me. if you find a good person that you can trust with your body and that will make you feel comfortable i say go for it. but if you’re not ready don’t do it. thanks for reading lol

  7. I love how your real chill about this subject, thank you I don't have nobody to talk to about this kind of stuff to. This helps me out. Thanks

  8. Umm.. i am 14 and as you said , am i a little small to watch this video ? Or can i watch ? I've never watched ihave paused this at the time you said to click out of the video .. pls rpl

  9. Ok… im young im in 7th grade but im school hasnt even touched the subject of puberty and sex exept one time they showed us how to open tampons and pads when half of us had been on out periods for mounths… and honestly my clasmates and me are getting anoyed we've been learning the food plate for 5 years and we just want to know whats going on with our body they've been promising well learn about it next mounth or next year for 4 years, bro, just tell be whats happening to me

  10. Just discovered your channel …..I love it already …..this channel motivates me to work more on mine

  11. I think this would be a really hard video to make it because let's face it- no two people view sex in the exact same way. AND Youtube keyboard commenters can be b-r-u-t-a-l. But Lisette, you did this thing girl. claps hands This was perfect in many ways!

  12. My boyfriend and I are only 13 and he says he say done “things” with other girls. I don’t really believe him but he is the kind of person that would do that! And if I do the maths then he would have only been 9 or 10 and so would of the girl! What should I do???

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